Subscriber service

      The specialists of our law firm provides clients with consulting, legal and accounting services, depending on the activity of companies, enterprises, organizations. In most cases, customers get a more favorable set of services by issuing an annual subscription service. Provide documents and issuing a power of attorney to our representative, you will only have to pick up at the appointed time ready packages of documents and not be afraid of checking the fiscal authorities.

      For organizations and companies, especially not having a staff of experts to become an actual problem of outsourcing or transfer of their powers to other companies. This allows us not to disperse its forces, looking for competent professionals in the field of legal and accounting services, and carry out their work with maximum efficiency by transferring the remaining areas of work in the hands of professionals. This can be permanent - subscription services or occasional services as needs. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial for companies. Each participant, as a specialist in its field, brings to the general treasury only highly professional results.

In-demand services of the outsourcing market

  • subscription legal service;
  • functions of the secretary.

   Ordering an annual subscription service, customers are able to significantly reduce its costs associated with the maintenance of additional staff, thus, does not lose in quality of work.