Apostille and legalization

      Specialists of the law firm will help you choose the easiest and fastest way to legalize documents by providing consulting services with a layout of all the benefits and a list of organizations that perform such a procedure. Having entrusted this task to us, the client can be sure that we will resolve all issues quickly and professionally, and you will only have to accept a ready-made package of legalized documents.

Legalization and apostille of foreign documents

      Crossing the border of Ukraine with the purpose of possible employment, medical treatment, education in another country, once there is a need for submission to the authorities of the country of the relevant documents issued in Ukraine. To make all official documents in the territory of another state force required legalization. Today, there are several ways:

  • consular legalization;
  • stamping - apostille.

     Consular legalization - is more difficult, time-consuming, and less universal way of legalization. To her resorted to in cases where a country where it is required to present the documents, not a party to the Hague Convention of 1961, and it is not a simplified and more universal way of legalization - apostille. These countries include almost all countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab world, as well as Canada. Accordingly, all other countries are legalized in the form of a stamp - Apostille and at the same time it is universal, and the document is legalized in a way accessible to the presentation of all participating countries Convention.