Apostille of documents

2 days
50 USD

      The printing of an apostille is required to confirm the validity of documents on the territory of other countries. Such a stamp is universal for all countries that signed the Hague Convention, and performs the function of confirming all documents in the original or copies: signatures, seals, stamps. And having received an apostille for one of the countries of the list, it is possible to provide them with confidence in another country, without additional legalization.

      Specialists of our law firm will quickly and efficiently issue a package of documents for traveling abroad. You can send us a certified power of attorney with a package of documents, and we in turn will deal with this issue and return you a package of documents in a legalized form.

      The procedure and bodies authorized in each country for such functional duties are stipulated in advance. In our country, they are:

  • Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports;
  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      Stamp apostille is the same for all countries and is a quadrangle, at the top of which there is an apostille in French. The authenticity of the signature, the position of the person signing the document and the authenticity of the stamp or seal securing this document are certified by an apostille. At the end, the seal of the body authorized to apostille is stamped.

Apostille of documents

      When traveling abroad, not according to a tourist visa, is required the availability of certain documents, depending on the purpose of departure. But most often, the documents issued in our country do not have any legal force abroad, except for some CIS countries. In this case, their urgent legalization or legalization for another country is required. Depending on the country, where you are going, and the algorithm of actions is chosen. To understand all the intricacies of the question, it will take a lot of personal time and energy, but having entrusted this business to professionals, it is possible to receive a ready-made package of documents quickly, inexpensively and without time.

Apostille of documents of the registry office

      The documents issued by the Ukrainian registry office often require their legalization, since they are on the list for obtaining a visa of all types. These include birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce, as well as various extracts from the ZAGS archives about the change of last name, name or other changes. All documents issued before 1991 and relating to the period of the Soviet Union, are required to be updated, having received a duplicate of the established pattern, which is currently in force. Sometimes obtaining a duplicate is necessary if the original document is laminated and there is nowhere to put an apostille stamp.