Legalization of documents

2 days
50 USD

      Any official documents issued in one country, as a rule, have no legal force in another country, until they have completed the process of their full legalization. This procedure is mandatory for all documents that do not have photos of their owners. It consists in the certification by an official of one of the authorized agencies: the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp that is attached to such a document. Having provided the papers for legalization and having issued a power of attorney to our representative, you will only have to pick up the finished package of legalized documents at the appointed time.

Consular legalization

      One of the most labor-intensive ways of making documents issued in Ukraine legal in the territory of another country, because the process contains three stages of procedures:

  • verification of the document in the Ministry, which is subject to the authority that issued the document;
  • verification of the document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs);
  • verification in the consulate of the state for which the legalization takes place.

      A distinctive feature of this method of legalization is the need for its implementation only for countries that did not approve the decision of the Hague Convention of 1961, as well as the possibility of legalizing documents for only one particular country.

Legalization of medical certificates

      In order for medical certificates issued in Ukraine to be valid in the territory of another country, they must go through all the stages of legalization. The method of legalization of medical certificates depends on the requirements of the country for which such a certificate is being prepared. If the state is included in the list of participants of the Hague Convention of 1961 or later joined this number of countries, then a rather simplified procedure for affixing a universal stamp - apostille. In another case - it is necessary to go through three stages of consular legalization of documents. On the territory of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health is responsible for the legalization of all medical documents.

Certification of documents in the embassy

      When traveling abroad for the purpose of employment, permanent or temporary residence, treatment, it is necessary to legalize a whole package of documents. One of the final procedures for the implementation of such legalization can be - the verification of documents in the embassy of the country, where the applicant leaves.