Nostrification of documents

up to 90 days
from 50 USD

   Nostrification procedure involves the recognition of foreign documents on higher education for the further use of the territory of Ukraine. This procedure is required if you have completed school abroad, and is now planning to get a job or continue their studies in Ukraine.

Nostrification of the diploma of education

   Due to the procedure of nostrification obtained abroad education adapted to the standards of the Ukrainian education system. In the course of the procedure carried out a special examination, and are correspondences between the education systems of different countries.

   With vast experience in the field of nostrification of documents, our professional experts competently explain to you what is the procedure for recognition of diplomas and help to collect all the necessary documents. We are ready to perform nostrification Ukrainian diplomas abroad.

   Nostrification of the diploma in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Following consideration of documents shall be issued a special document - a certificate which confirms the compliance of foreign education applicable state standards of Ukraine.