Translation of documents

1 days
from 20 USD

      Our company performs legal translation of documents of any complexity in the shortest terms. Translation of legal documentation implies knowledge of specialized terminology, specific language and specific turns of phrase. In our company, the data services are provided only by experienced professionals with higher legal education. Employees of the company responsible approach to the translation of documents, knowing the high price of an error. High professionalism is confirmed by long experience of cooperation with the subsidiaries of foreign banks in Ukraine, private and public companies.

Notarized translation of documents

      We translate legal documents, both for individuals and legal entities. In our company you can order a transfer:

  • agreements, supplementary agreements, contracts and acts of reception and transmission;
  • the documents required for a visa;
  • patents, licenses and certificates;
  • diplomas and inserts them;
  • accounts and various financial documents;
  • court documents (the materials of the case, transcripts, testimony);
  • founding documents, statutes, codes;
  • powers of attorney, expert opinions and legal acts;
  • passports, licenses and certificates, including a certificate of good conduct.
    We guarantee efficiency and high quality of work performed.