Eliminate enterprises

from 30 days
from 600 USD

      It is worthwhile to know that the procedure for the liquidation of a legal entity includes a huge number of very different processes, in which almost all state bodies involved in the opening and running of a business take part. The process of liquidation can be successful only if one adheres to the algorithm of actions envisaged by the current legislative acts.

Liquidation procedure

      Highly qualified lawyers of our legal organization will help to solve the problem of liquidation of your company with minimal losses of time, forces and finances.

      Liquidation of a legal entity consists of such key actions:

  • decision-making on liquidation;
  • appointment of the liquidation committee;
  • preparation and submission to the tax inspection authorities of the necessary documents;
  • closing of all current accounts in a banking institution;
  • the inspection of the tax inspection for the existence of arrears;
  • transfer of stamps and seals to the appropriate authorities;
  • receipt of a document confirming the exclusion from the USR.

      Our professional specialists will consult in detail on all issues arising during the liquidation process, prepare all necessary documents and visit state institutions instead of you.

Reasons for liquidation of an enterprise

      The lawyers of our company will help to liquidate the enterprise for the following reasons:

  • Elimination of the company by decision of the owner
  • Company bankruptcy
  • Liquidation of an individual entrepreneur

We provide the ideal quality and high efficiency, and also guarantee complete confidentiality.