Education in Ukraine

   Education in Ukraine (for foreigners) every year becomes more and more popular, and the fact there are a number of reasons. Many young people from countries that are developing, seek quality and affordable education and for that come to Ukraine. Our lawyers will help foreign students to prepare the necessary documents in one or another university admission procedure and make the most simple and understandable.

Rules for admission of foreigners for study in Ukraine

   Today receiving education in Ukraine (for foreigners) is carried out only by those universities that have a license to conduct such educational activities. It is worth noting that if any have places available, the university should accept foreigners without any restrictions on the grounds of color, race, religion, political or other beliefs, regardless of place of residence, property status, social and ethnic origin.

   To help in the collection of the necessary documentation for education in Ukraine (for foreigners) and a national passport registration help of our legal experts of the center. Highly qualified lawyers will help to register the national passport in the division of the State Department for Immigration, Citizenship, based on the written request of the university, which also issued an invitation to receive education in Ukraine. In addition, our lawyers will provide immediate assistance in case of loss of passport document of a foreigner and quickly notify law-enforcement bodies, who are required to retire the foreign student a certificate and send a notice to the Administration Gospogranichnoy service.

   It should be noted that for entry to Ukraine to study in the period from August 15 to November 15, the main reason for the visa is the original invitation, and at other times - the motion of the Ministry of Education, as well as an invitation from the university.

   Our experts will help competently legally draw up a contract for education in Ukraine (for foreigners), allowing you to get rid of possible gaps and obscure points. Moreover, in case of violation of rights and interests of foreign students, our experts will conduct a range of activities, and if necessary, will represent the interests of the customer in court.