Preparatory department

1 year
1000 USD

      According to the Constitution of Ukraine, foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons who are legally on the territory of Ukraine, have the same rights and freedoms as citizens of Ukraine.

Preparatory department for the training of foreign citizens

      Foreign citizens who do not know the Ukrainian language, before entering the higher educational institution of Ukraine, have the opportunity to undergo preparatory courses, and master the language for a term that is 10 months. To enter the preparatory department is possible only on the basis of the document on full secondary education. After the completion of the preparatory department, foreign citizens can continue their education at the main faculties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

To enter Ukraine foreign applicants should receive an official invitation from the university, for this, registration in the prescribed manner is necessary. After processing the submitted documents and making a positive decision, the foreigner will be sent an official invitation to travel to Ukraine.

The company "Exclusive Consulting Group" is ready to assist in filing documents and escorting an alien for admission to the preparatory department of the higher educational institution of Ukraine.