Higher education

1 year
from 2000 USD

     Not all higher educational institutions in Ukraine have the right to take foreign students for training. Only those universities that have a license for this are eligible for training or for the preparatory department.

Higher education in Ukraine for foreigners

      Foreign citizens who want to get higher education in Ukraine must come to the training only at the invitation of the university. To enter Ukraine foreign applicants should receive an official invitation from the university, for this, registration in the prescribed manner is necessary. After processing the submitted documents and making a positive decision, the foreigner will be sent an official invitation to travel to Ukraine. To enter Ukraine for foreign citizens, a visa is also required. Visa "D". This visa is issued at the Ukrainian Embassy abroad.

To enter Ukraine, future foreign students will need to provide a certain package of documents, some of them will require legalization in the Ukrainian embassy in the country of residence of the foreigner.

The company "Exclusive Consulting Group" will provide legal assistance in the preparation of all documents for the entry of an alien to Ukraine, assist with the submission of documents and escort when submitting documents for admission of a foreign citizen for study at a higher educational institution in Ukraine.