Representation of interests in court

from 14 days
from 50 USD

      Lawyers of our company offer a service of representation of interests in national courts, courts of general jurisdiction, administrative and economic courts. We prepare a documentary base and represent interests in various disputes. Qualitatively and consistently we carry out preparation of procedural documents. Lawyers of the highest category provide training and participation in court sessions.

      Applying to our company, describe the content of the question, the solution of which will be engaged by experienced specialists who produce:

  • collection and analysis of all materials in the case;
  • determination of the tactics of conducting a particular case in court;
  • drafting of the claim, preparation of documents for going to court.

      Our employees take part in meetings of courts of all instances, draft procedural documents - appellate and cassation complaints, applications, petitions. They get acquainted with the case materials, receive copies of documents that are available in production. If necessary, submit evidence, take part in the study and evaluation of evidence, make petitions and challenges, give oral and written explanations, help to fully implement the procedural rights of clients.

Preparation and preparation of judicial procedural documents

      One of the main factors of successful business management, pre-trial resolution of disputes, the commission of important transactions or in litigation. In jurisprudence, there are a number of rules according to which such documents are drawn up, because the correct formulation and formulation of the text directly affects the outcome of a trial.

      Specialists of our organization at the stage of preparation of documentation for judicial review and during preparation of various procedural documents carry out:

  • attentive acquaintance with the evidence and materials provided by the clients;
  • acquaintance with all required materials of the ship's business;
  • consultations and give recommendations on the collection of additional evidence;
  • consultations and give recommendations on the conduct of the case in the courtroom;
  • preparation of evidence and requests in order to form an evidence base;
  • preparation of complaints, applications, motions and other procedural documents;
  • preparation of objections, statements of claim and explanations in a trial;
  • filing a package of documents with the competent court.

      This allows you to prepare in the shortest possible time for the trial, without spending too much effort and money.

      Preparation and participation in court sessions

      An important service that our specialists are ready to provide. It is the most reliable and simple way to protect the interests of an individual or legal entity in any judicial hearing.

      It is best to entrust representation of your interests in court to professionals. Our company provides similar services to all comers. Ordering the service of preparation and participation in court hearings in our organization, you receive:

  • competent representation of your interests by experienced specialists;
  • an integrated multilateral approach to solving your problem;
  • the opportunity to influence the outcome of the case during the court hearing;
  • high chances to achieve the desired result.

      The lawyers of our company are ready to immediately resolve your dispute or problem at any stage of the development of events. It is worth noting that it is much more expedient to provide our specialists with the opportunity to prepare the required documents. They will be able to set out all the circumstances of the case in the required light and effectively highlight the accents on different events, as well as provide legal justification for the claims. But at the same time, the action document is only an instrument that is best placed in the hands of an experienced, qualified lawyer. Our experts will become a real weapon in the struggle for your interests and legal rights!