Representation in enforcement proceedings

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     Enforcement is the final stage of any legal proceedings and it is reduced to the implementation of the established decision. Practice has proved that getting the required court decision is only half the success. 50% is the actual implementation of the ship's decision, so it is so important to trust the case to professionals!

Practice has proved that it is not enough simply to obtain the necessary court decision. It is important to achieve its timely and faithful execution. Very low level of preparation and financing of the state executive service, constant staff turnover and unqualified staff of executors lead to poor-quality or untimely execution of the ship's decision.

Registration of representation in enforcement proceedings

      Representation in enforcement proceedings by qualified specialists is especially important when the debtor carries out all sorts of actions that are aimed at delaying the implementation of the ship's decision, applying at the same time all possible procedural procedural possibilities. To avoid such a turn of events, it is worthwhile to entrust the representation in the enforcement proceedings to our experts. Our lawyers have extensive experience in conducting such a category of cases and specialize in providing various services in enforcement proceedings.

The excellent knowledge of the entire practical procedure for executing the court decision to detail gives our lawyers the opportunity to participate on behalf of the customer, both on the side of the recoverer and on the side of the debtor. Brilliant knowledge of the regulatory framework and the subtleties of different processes allow our specialists to render invaluable assistance to the client and to achieve quick execution of the court decision. Only the highly qualified professionals can monitor the application of all possibilities for the restoration of the violated right. Trust us, and we will quickly resolve any conflict situations and bring the debtor to justice.

Our team of highly qualified specialists is ready to save your time and energy, and also to get the result for which you actually applied to the court. Our professionals will competently and quickly draft a statement on the opening of the enforcement proceedings, carry out all necessary negotiations with state executors, and will also monitor tirelessly every stage of execution of the court decision. Representation in enforcement proceedings is quite a popular service, which has already been used by many residents of our country. Our experienced lawyers will not let your business "get lost" among many others. Our company can provide interests not only of creditors, but also act on the side of the debtor. In order to start cooperation you only need to present to our lawyers all available documents and information related to enforcement proceedings. We take care of all other problems and troubles! Our experts will analyze all the materials and prepare a legal opinion, will compile all the required documents for the executive service and even take direct part in the enforcement actions.